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truitt adair

TRUITT was born in Phoenix, Arizona on December 28, 1944.  He married Sandra Kay (Troy), an Arkansas native, in 1963.  Truitt and Kay have four children, all of whom are married and are faithful and active Christians and nine grandchildren who are a joy to their lives.

Truitt’s biblical training was received at  Sunset School of Preaching, Sunset School of Missions, Lubbock Christian University and Abilene Christian University. Truitt has served as pulpit minister for churches in Texas and Arizona. He and his family served as missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa from 1973 to 1976.  Campaigns, lectureships, seminars, gospel meetings, and short-term missions efforts have taken Truitt to many foreign countries and most of the states across the USA. 

Truitt came to Sunset in 1989 as a teacher at Sunset International Bible Institute and in 1993 was appointed Executive Director.  Truitt is interested in tennis, fishing, travel and world history.  He is passionate about preaching, leadership training, missions, and family, especially grand parenting.