An open seat FOR YOU

Connect witH Friends

There's always a seat at the table open for you. That's because Sunset is a place to belong. After all, people aren't looking for a friendly church, people are looking for friends. Our small groups are designed to help promote Christian relationships, positive conversation, and meeting people's needs. See if a small group is right for you! 

There's a reason why people in the Bible met in small groups- God knew that we need Christian community.  

Early Christians met together in large assemblies but they also had home meetings so that they could study God's Word, encourage each other, pray together and share in a common meal     (Acts 2:42).

Small groups help meet important life needs and we all need support from our church family. In the early church it was said that "there were no needy persons among them," and small groups were one format for making this statement a reality for the first century church (Acts 4:34). Small groups provide an opportunity to practice and participate in "one-another" Christianity. In small groups we can pray for each other, encourage each other, love each other, and serve each other.  These are just a few reasons why we have small groups at the Sunset church.  



Types of Groups

There are a wide range of small groups. We have groups that meet according to life stages. This includes those for families with small children and groups for  empty-nesters. 

Some of our groups meet all year long, while others meet only in the spring and fall. There is a wide variety of groups to choose from that we know will appeal to your specific needs.

Most of our groups meet on Sunday evening but we have other groups that meet on various days of the week and at different times.

Go Deep

Small groups are a great way to connect on a deeper level. Often, those involved  will meet together for large group fellowship events as well. This includes potluck luncheons in order to stay connected and encourage one another.

get involved

Interested in joining a small group? Sign up for one today.