Here is our Sunday Morning Lineup

Babies- The Nursery

Young Toddlers- Room 135

Older Toddlers- Room 137

2's- Room 142

3's- Room 140

Pre K- Room 241

Kindergarten- Room 237

1st Grade- Room 236

2nd Grade- Room 255

3rd Grade- Room 250

4th Grade- Room 230

5th Grade- Room 226

Computer Lab- Room 238

6th-12th Grades- The Power House

20's- The Well

Young Professionals- The Loft at the FLC

New Comers- Room 150

Mixed Adult- The Library

Mixed Adult- Hospitality

Newly Marrieds and Engaged- Room 010

Young Families- Room 012

Deaf- Room 214

Families- Room 210

Families- Room 212

Female Encouragers- Room 127

40 and Over- The Chapel

50 and Over- The Flag Room

60 and Over- The Annex

Special Needs-  Room 224